Yes, I’m the real-life wife of a real-life librarian.  Yes, librarians still exist and yes, mine does wear a bow tie from time to time.

I like to call him “The Librarian”.

I’m sure you can picture our life.  An adorable librarian, with a charming but slightly awkward comb over, being handed his lunch and kissed on the cheek by his adoring wife.  He walks his bike out of the garage and peddles off to his job, managing a large library in the center of a small town square.  She waves to him as he peddles out of sight and sighs, happy and content with the routine they have had together for 25 years.  Then, wiping her hands on her half apron, she heads into the house to prepare for the day.

The truth of the matter is we don’t live is some cute semi-rural town where my husband bikes to work at some cute downtown library where they still have card catalogues.  We live in LA.  The Librarian works at a private film college and his library is pretty swanky, but I don’t think you would call it cute.  Or at least he prefers that I don’t.  We have been married for under 5 years and we are both in our 30s.  I’m a project manager for an international entertainment company.  And yes, I probably have my work email open on another tab while I’m writing. (Also a glass of wine)

But the reality that I have a busy job and we live in a busy city aside, I love working with my hands to make something I can share with others. It’s my love language. It’s how I care for those around me, and that is what I want to share with you.

Thanks reading and joining me on this journey.

The Librarian’s Wife

P.S.  The Librarian also wanted me to point out that he does not, nor ever will, have a comb over.  He has a faux-hawk.

And he wears Converse, though never at the same time as a bow tie.


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